Panama, why did I go there again?

Part of the travelling is to go to places and to wonder why you have chosen this destination. Well, with Panama, this is pretty much how I feel.

The first time I visited South America some two and half years ago, I started from Brazil, did a loop further south and went back up to Colombia then crossed by boat to Panama to end up the trip. It was a great holiday and this time around I decided to go the other way around but visit places and countries I haven’t been too. However I didn’t think it deeply when I booked the ticket.
The fact of the matter is that firstly I have already visited what I wanted to see in Panama previously and secondly, going from Panama to Colombia isn’t cheap. So after a couple of days in Panama city, I ended up taking a plane directly to Cartagena in Colombia. Avoiding going through San Blas islands, saving some money and time.

Not much to say about Panama city. It is divided in two parts, the old one that have a lot of character, where I stayed the last time and the new one that is similar to any modern city and that I don’t necessarily enjoy too much.

Anyhow, I had some time to rest and figure out where I’ll be going in Colombia and how long, so that wasn’t only wasted time. Now I am heading to the South American continent and the plan is pretty much to go from the very north to the very south from the West coast then come back up towards the East coast. A long and challenging journey that should be rich in adventure.

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