Mancora, the peruvian Byron Bay

Leaving Baños on a high note, Lucas and I went back to Quito to take advantage of the end of the week. So both Friday and Saturday were dedicated to enjoy the night out.

On Sunday we decided to make our own way, as most things are closed on that day. As the evening came and we got ready to head to the bus terminal, we bumped into Justine who was just coming back from Galapagos island. We chatted a bit but soon enough we had to leave the hostel. We said goodbye for good this time and left. Arriving at the bus terminal, it was Lucas and I who had to say goodbye to each other. He was going to the sunny coast while I was going south towards Peru. It’s been great spending that week and half with him, hope I’ll get to catch-up with him later in my trip.

Combi VW

My bus left at eleven o’clock, another night bus, and after an eight hour ride, got to Cuenca early Monday morning. I spent the day there, caught-up with Hannah and Kim in the evening (that I met in Baños) and left the following day towards Peru. The idea was going to stop at Mancora, a peruvian beach town close to the border with Ecuador before heading to the capital city: Lima.

Horse riding on Mancora beach

The trip wasn’t too long, nine hours all up, including crossing the border and changing bus. After passing a lot of sands and desert landscape, we finally reached Mancora mid-affternoon. At a glance the town seems built in the middle of nowhere and it is made only of sand and dust. I have never seen a place so dry before. On all the hills, you could not see one patch of green, no grass, no bush, no trees, just sand and dust.

Local transport

Sand everywhere

As I got off the bus I met this Argentinian guy who already spent some time in Mancora few months back, and who suggested a hostel. We exchanged some dollars left from Ecuador to peruvian pesos and went to that hostel, a place full of hippies, all foreigners, who were selling hand-made wrist bands on the beach. The hostel was so basic that I felt uncomfortable at first. But in the end I managed to spend a couple of nights over there, quite an experience indeed, especially on the last day when there was no water available.

Cute puppy


My time in Mancora was ok, the beach was nice but nothing fantastic compared to what I have seen so far. There was some waves on the second day but for some reasons I didn’t surf. Out of two and half days, I didn’t manage to surf even once, quite disappointing when you are in a surfing town. Other than surfing there are no real other activities to do (or maybe horse on the beach if that’s something you fancy). So I enjoyed relaxing there but I was also happy to leave.

West coast of Peru

West coast of Peru

On Friday 6th December, I left Mancora in the evening towards Lima. A trip that will turn out to pretty much take 24hrs of bus…

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