Only one song away from home

So here is the end of the year. A year full of events where I really need to look back and analyse everything. It started not so good but I decided to change it all by giving it a fresh start. Living out of my comfort zone, living the dream I always had in mind and leaving everything behind me was the requirement of this new start. It is only a mere three and half month since I left home and my normal life but it feels like so much more. My mind went through so many different feelings already. One of the recent one being feeling kinda home sick: missing my friends which are my family back home and wanting to enjoy the OZ summer. At the same time I know that I am doing something fantastic for myself right now and that won’t last forever. “Investing in yourself” is how I would describe it the best. Like my friend Dini said living the nomadic life makes everything more intense: the highs are higher and the lows are lower. In a matter of few days I have seen and experienced things I never thought or dreamt of, countries mesmerising me by their beauties, others by their people. Living the dream as they say, well for me it’s more like living life. We should all experience the wonders of the world at least once in our life, simply because we can!

On the other hands, sometimes you can feel down, alone and start wondering if you’ve made the right choice. Sometimes you are in a remote place with nothing great to see, visit or do and question the reason of this trip. The worse being when you are alone and sick in a foreign country, negative thoughts are going through your head and you really miss the comfort of your home. That’s where you need to be strong mentally to keep the journey going.

However every once in a while, you get a little sign that reminds you that you are far from being alone in your journey. That you have family and friends back home that miss you and think of you. For me those signs come through one of the most beautiful things in life: music. It happened few times now that I am in the most random place and listen to a song that brings me back home, triggering a huge smile and a warm feeling of being so close from the ones I care about.

Looking for a dinner place in Lake Titicaca, with four french girls travelling the world, checking a restaurant and singing Début de Soirée “Et tu chantes” with all our hearts; going back to town after riding down Death Road in Bolivia and singing Mens at Work “I come from a land down under” with two Australians in the van and feeling so proud of being OZ; enjoying a vegetarian dinner alone in a cute city in the middle of nowhere and listening to my favourite band Fat Freddy’s Drop. All those little moments bring you back to a place where you feel like home, doesn’t matter how far you physically are. One single song, that’s really all it takes to bring you back to a comfy headspace, where you can resource yourself and where it makes sense again as to why you are here, wherever that is, doing whatever you are doing. No more doubts, no more questioning, you just kick back, savouring that familiar sound track and enjoying the journey you are living.

If a picture is worth a thousand words than to me, music is worth a thousand pictures. It is definitely the biggest connection to our soul. It connects with a particular memory, a special place and/or time, a feeling you had at that time.

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    1. yespapa Post author

      Thanks JP!
      I’ll definitely travel for as long as my heart is into it and share it all with you guys 🙂

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