Dirt bike in Sucre

After spending another couple of days in La Paz, following the death road bike trip, and a quick stop over in Cochabamba, I got to Sucre on Friday 20th December.

This is a very cute town with colonial architecture, all white that somehow remind me a lot of Popayan in Colombia. Few travellers I have met along the way told me to check out this town before going further south. On the first day, as usual I checked-in my hostel and then went to visit the town. It is not big so easy to walk around, there is a nice little mirador (look-out) and a couple of parks/main place where a lot is happening. Sucre is quite popular for activities organised around the area including climbing, horse riding, downhill mountain biking, paragliding, etc. My interest got on the dirt bike excursion that a couple of tour agencies were organising. Missing my motorbike and having never down some dirt bike before the occasion was perfect so I booked a three hour trip for the next day.

On Saturday, I joined my guide/fellow rider for the day. It was just him and me for the day, brilliant! He gave me a lift to his place where I picked up my toy: a Pegasus 250CC (it was supposed to be a Kawasaki 250 but the Pegasus turned out to be a nice bike too). We put all the protective gears on, strap my camera to the helmet and we left. After a mere ten minutes ride in the town, stopping along the way to get some fresh water, we went uphill in the neighbourhood and went off road. The feeling was quick familiar for me, despite not riding dirt bikes before I have done a fair bit of quad bike/atv and plenty of mountain biking on dirt. However I could feel that I’d need to be careful as the bike had a different grip than what I am used to and a mistake can quickly arrived. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun straight from the beginning. I could feel the wheels sliding in the turns and handled the throttle enough to control the bike but still have fun.

The first part of the ride was going mainly uphill, crossing some houses and farms, being starred at by cows, sheep and dogs. Not long after, we reached a cross road where my guide ask me which way I wanted to take: the hard one or the easy one. With my level of experience of dirt bike, I didn´t feel like risking to fall, so we went the easy way. Then the ride was nice and smooth for the rest of the time. The path was mostly made out of dirt, dust and small rocks. We then reached the top of the mountains and had a nice cliff on our right hand side, revealing a spectacular view of the area. Few trucks cross our path along the ride, which made it very interesting knowing there is not much room on the ´road´. At one stage I got too confident and trying to avoid a truck, almost feel over.

Later on, we went downhill towards a river, we passed a cute village and it felt like I was in Dakar 🙂 We crossed the river over a bridge then went uphill again. The view started to change slowly with dryier and dustier road, bigger rocks and lot more grip too. We did some couple of stops to have some water and enjoyed the view and continues ahead. Then after a good three hour ride, we went back to Sucre.

This was such a good tease for my future motorbike ride cross country, I cannot wait to get that organised and live on a two wheel!

Dirt bike riding

Dirt bike riding

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