Travelling, a good excuse to catch-up with friends

Following an amazing NYE in ValParaiso, it was time to hit the road and finally make my way south to Patagonia.
On my way there, I would firstly stop in the Chilean capital: Santiago!

To come back to where I left the story, I finally managed to catch-up with my OZ friends (Jenni and Jemma) despite missing them on NYE. The day after, on the first of Jan, we caught up in the evening in Viña del Mar with all the French crew: PJ, Cindy, Yoann but also Jerome and Julien , who where staying with the girls. We all went to dinner in a good Italian place. Following that, I decided to go to Patagonia with the girls, which meant heading to Pucon instead of Puerto Montt. Well initially I was planning to do both but realised we wouldn’t be able to do Patagonia all together if I was doing that. So my plans had to change which also meant I wouldn’t go doing the experience in a farm in Patagonia… But I definitely will do some volunteering soon.

On Tuesday 2nd January, Jemma, Jenni and I were planning to leave Viña del Mar for Santiago in the afternoon. Unfortunately that didn’t happen due to some unlucky reasons (girls luggage locked in someone’s room who lost the keys). So we ended up leaving the next day. Second attempt was good, got the morning bus and arrived in Santiago by midday. We checked in the best hostel there is in South America (Princesa Insolente) and went on with our day. Before that I took the opportunity to contact my local friends to catch-up and I got the chance to do so the following Saturday.

A good friend of mine, Carolina, that used to train capoeira with me in Sydney, and came to visit us a couple of times, was now back in Santiago. So a time and place was set: La Jardin, 7pm.
Jenni and Jemma came along. The place was really cool, it has a lot of style inside out. We had a drink inside while waiting for Caro to arrive and when she got there, we enjoyed the outdoor garden.
It was really enjoyable to catch-up with such a good friend and it made me realise how important it is to take time to see your friends while you are travelling.

Catching-up with Ca-Ca-Ca… Carolina!

Left to right: Jenni, Me, Jemma and Caro

It doesn’t matter how often you write to your friends who live overseas. Once a week, a month, a year or less even. Life always goes in your way and sometimes you get lazy and don’t take time to be in touch often. But hey, that doesn’t mean you don’t take care of them or want to spend more time with them.

So far in my travel, I have been lucky to see friends in Thailand, in Chile and now in Brazil (where I am currently). I am really looking forward to go to Canada, France, all around Europe and Japan to catch-up with all my friends; and family also.

As they say: home is where your heart is. Knowing familiar faces worldwide really make the whole travelling experience much more comfortable and unknown places feel like they are closer to you than what you initially expected.

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