Torres del Paine, the heart of Patagonia

Following a memorable day at Perito Moreno, we decided to have a rest on Wednesday. Early that day Jenni and I walked Jemma back to the bus terminal where she was preparing a hell of a trip: over fourty hours by bus, straight: between El Calafate and Buenos Aires! We wished her good luck and say bye. That same morning Jenni went to Aerolinas Argetinas and bought her flight ticket to Buenos Aires (only thirty bucks more than the bus and it will only take three hours). The plan was now to spend the next day in Torres del Paine so, at least, Jenni will get to see it. On the way back from the airline company, a lady randomly asked us few questions in the street and was wondering if we’d be interested in potentially win a free full-day of activity entirely paid. It sounded too good to be true. She was actually working for the Department of tourism of Argentina and it was all legit. They were doing some ‘casting’ of people you’d be interested and, if selected, we’d get the chance to have a full day either eating in really nice restaurant or doing activities such as four wheels driving. So I waited and did the casting which was pretty straight forward and casual. Jenni who literally just bought her flight ticket was laughing because she wouldn’t be able to make it. Once done, we went back to the hostel and organised our following day to Torres del Paine. We were lucky because there was nothing available before the next few days in all the agencies. But trying until the end Jenni managed to find one that had a couple of spots last minutes.

So on Thursday 16th, we walked up early and waited for our ride at 5.30am. This one was a bit late and picked us up half an hour later. It was a long journey ahead of us. We had to go around the mountains, cross the Chilean border and then make our way in the National Park. Only the way in took some five hours by bus to get there. I was a bit disappointed that there we were spending so much time on the road. By late morning, after changing bus three times, we finally reached our destination. The park looked really nice, the landscape was a mix of flat plains where Glaciers used to spread across, hundreds of years ago; and also high mountains in the background. We stopped few times on our way, contemplating the great lakes and landscapes that was in front of us. And then we reached the beginning of the circuit. From there we could see Torres del Paine, in the background, covered by high clouds. The issue with this one day tour was that we keep on stopping every few minutes to take pictures like good old tourists do. But also, we only did one thirty minutes hike. It would have been awesome if we did a few one to two hours hikes. We could have seen so much more. Anyways… We spent the day watching the aming landscape of Torres del Paine, stopping a lot of time (too much even) along the way and eventually had to come back. It was really a tease of the National Park and I wish I could have spent a good three-four days hikking and camping over there. I might be back! The return by bus to Argentina was as long and tiring as the way in. By the time we were back at the hostel, it was close to 11pm. Too late to grab food but luckily a convenience shop was open so we could have a bit before resting. A very long day but full of great memories.

Greeted by a local

Start of the main hikes of the National Park

What a view

Stunning peaks

Panoramic view of the river

The colour of the water was spectacular

Something to remember







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