El Chalten, Mont Fitz Roy

The next day, on Friday 17th January, I said good bye to Jenni and left the hostel early to go to El Chalten for the day. I got to the bus terminal with enough food and drinks for the day and off we went. It took a good three hours to get to El Chalten, a small town at the entrance of great National Parks. It is one of the most famous places to go to in Argentinian Patagonia because of one of its peak: Mont Fitz Roy. Not having done much research prior to my trip in Patagonia, I discovered El Fitz Roy when I was in Chile, saw few amazing pictures and knew I had to go there one day.. So this was the perfect occasion. There I was, in the information center of El Chalten, receiving from safety briefing and general instructions about the different hikes possible. Looking at the amount I had to hike on that day, I decided to head towards Fitz Roy (and not Cerro Torre, another beautiful peaks). Put my backpack on and started walking.

View from the information center

Entrance of the town

Full view of the lake, Fitz Roy on the left

As I got closer to the entrance of the track, I met an Argentinian lady from Buenos Aires who was on holidays here. We chatted and started to hike together. She wasn’t necessarily ready for the hike looking at what she was wearing, nor getting the right fitness level. Nevertheless I slow down my pace and walked with her, meeting other hikers along the way, carrying big bags and tents as most of them were planning to camp overnight.

The beginning of the hike was the hardest, under a hot sun, walking on a hill with sand and rocks spread all around. We were expecting a way easier start but luckily after fourty five minutes it got better. Quickly in the hike, we got a nice view of the town and, on the other side, a beautiful view of a large lake running towards it. As we walked around a huge rock, the very top of Fitz Roy started to show itself, leading our way towards lake Capri. We met another local on the way that shared the rest of the trip with us. From there the hike was flat and easy going. And after a good hour and half of slow walk, we reach lake Capri.

Maybe the only Lama in El Chalten

View of Fitz Roy

View from Lake Capri

There was a little camping ground within the bush that looked really inviting. Then the lake. A gorgeous little lake with the most impressive view of Fitz Roy in front of us. The water was clear and of very high quality (to drink) so everyone was having a rest there. After a quick lunch, we went close by to check another look out. I didn’t have enought time to go to the next camping ground closer to Fitz Roy so I just enjoyed the beautiful view from this look out until time ran out and I had to go back to the bus. There I was, watching this amazing rock, with a small Glacier at his bottom and listening to good music. I needed nothing more to enjoy the full experience of Patagonia.

An Australian lady enjoying this spectacular view

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