Family time in Paris

The last time I was in France was almost three years ago, and this is pretty much the average frequency of me visiting my family here. Which is not a lot indeed especially knowing that I would normally stay around a week or two max before going back home to Australia. So for the first time I can dedicate a lot more and decided to spend a full month in my native country.

I arrived to Paris from Iceland on Wednesday 7th May around midday. Flying over the green paddock surrounding the northern part of Paris was pretty nice and seeing the sunshine on arrival was a big surprise too. I got picked up by my dad, who was like me wearing a hat (I guess I know where I got that from) and we drove off to his place in the south east suburb of the French capital. As soon as we exited the airport, the weather changed and it started raining, which made me laugh as it rains every single time I come back to Paris, doesn’t matter which month it is! Actually it did rain the next four following days I was there…

Anyways it is always a weird feeling to go back and re-discover places where you grew up. It is not the first time that I come back yet this ten years threshold really makes a big difference psychologically. It is like the city that saw me growing as a kid stopped in time, with hardly nothing changing, while I have taken such a huge mental growth in the same period of time; making you wonder what would have happened to you if you have stayed there. Same roads, same shops (most of them), same people, same everything really. It is kind of comforting in a way, as it can bring a feeling of home and comfort for some through habits but for me it is different. Day one was quite relax, I just caught up with dad and my ‘second family’ with Johan coming over once done with his work then we headed to his brothers place (Julien and Pierre) in Paris to give them a surprise. It was mid week, low key but doesn’t matter where and when you see your clothe ones for a long time, it is always such a magical and intense moment. I spent the evening there happily sharing stories and catching up with the latest news but also trying the next time we will be able to catch-up.

The next day I paid a visit to Laure, my brother’s partner, and my two little nephews: Lenny and Aaron, that I have never seen before. As you can imagine it was a moment of high emotions. I spent the whole afternoon there with dad, Laure’s mum and my nephews, finally enjoying family time. For the next following days, I pretty much just did that: spending special moments with family and friends I have not seen in a long time, eating amazing home made French food along the way, zipping through the streets of Paris in scooter and laughing loud with people I grew up with.

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