What would you be doing if you had no fear?

Recently I was watching one of those viral videos from a famous social network I sadly spend hours on, and I got accross this very powerful sentence in a related article:
What would you be doing if you had no fear?

My mind started to wander but it quickly came to me that if I had no fear I would probably have done this bungee jump I am so afraid of doing (despite having jumped out of a plane already), and I might have followed my friend Denis in his BASE jump adventures. But having said that, what would I be doing right now? Well, exactly the same: follow my dream and travel the world.
It is such a comforting feeling to know that you are doing what you really want to do in life. There will always be ‘if’ and ‘but’ and people telling you how dangerous it is to go here and there, making you wonder even more if you are taking the right decision. Personally my motivation is to have no regrets in life whatsoever when I’ll be on my death bed.

The thing is, we all know what we need to do in order to achieve what we want. We cannot stay in our little comfort bubble and expect to live amazing things. Try, fail and try again until you get there. There are hundreds of inspirational videos/speech/quotes I could post but I won’t do any of that. Some of you might even wonder why I am writing this. Well, as I am travelling and meeting friends on every side of this planet, I see in their eyes that I don’t just inspire them but for some of them, I do live their dream. And that’s why I am writing this: we all have different circumstances in life, different problems, relationship commitments, level of responsibilities, etc. Keep in mind we all have one single life, and we all have no idea when this one will finish. We keep on seeing, reading and viewing all sorts of inspirational materials online but it seems that they all lift our spirits up for few minutes, making us dream big again… and then few minutes later it fades away, letting us come back to our ‘boring’ routine. Seriously, what are we waiting for? You have dreams and are healthy so just go for it. Stop asking yourself how you will finance this and that, simply make plans, take some risks and follow what you really want. I can already hear some people say ‘that is not that easy’, well I am sorry but I believe it is.

I mentioned above that I won’t post any quotes, well I am changing my mind haha. Here is a quote that I hope will make you think and, most importantly, act!

‘You can fail at what you don’t want (having a ‘safe’ job for instance), so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love’.

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