Last family catch-up before Euro trip

One full month in France, that is quite an achievement for me who normally only stay there for few weeks. It was quite overwhelming to catch-up with so many friends and family members but gees it was so good!

Some of them I haven´t seen and talked to in a decade and more so you can imagine the amount of things we had to chat about. From now my European trip is only started so before heading back on the road, I spent another few days in Paris in order to see all of those I didn´t get a chance to see before. The list is quite long so I will not start listing names but I would like to thank all of you, who have taken the time to see me, have a chat (even if only few minutes), share a drink or some food and of course share some laughter. In this long travel it is very important to recharge your battery from time to time and this was perfect. I now feel fully energised again and actually cannot wait to go back on the road.

The initial plan was to head north towards Belgium and make my way to Germany from there but as I couldn´t catch-up with my family members due to bad timing on that day, I decided to go to Holland instead. The plan being to head north, go east then head south and west to finish in Turkey and get my last ˝round the world trip˝ ticket to Japan. Let´s make this happen, first stop will be the Netherlands.

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