Budapest, my last travel destination… for now

The philosophy I have adopted over the last year is to listen to the signs life throws at you and make decisions accordingly. There is no need to worry, be scared or overthink, life is simple. Give without expectations, do things that create joy, learn as much as you can and share your knowledge. Don’t try to find a purpose in everything you do, be happy. After-all this is what we are all looking for, so if that’s the case, go for it, for the rest just sit back, relax and let life taking you wherever that is. From time to time you will have signs in front of you, crossroads, where decision will drastically change the course of your life and it is totally up to you to turn left or right at the crossroad.

I reached Hungary ten months within my gap year around the world. Located at the heart of Europe, cross-border of seven other countries (Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia), this country is mostly known for its cuisine (who doesn’t know Goulash), its beautiful women and also for its music festivals during summer, including Sziget, self-proclaimed one of the largest music festival in the world. Just like me, many travelers, do not expect much of this country and are pleasantly surprised by its capital city Budapest, its architecture, the level of development despite a poor economy, and find themselves staying longer than initially planned. For me, it only took a couple of days following my arrival, before I start thinking of staying longer. And the sign life threw at me was very clear and had a name: Patricia.

Hungarian parliament building

Panoramic view of Heroes square

One of Budapest Castle and museum

Assassin’s creed

Deak square

My plan was initially to stay for few days in Budapest before heading to the Balkans, making my way to the Croatian coast then down to Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, heading further south to Greece via Macedonia and then East to Turkey. Turkey, the gate between Europe and Asia where I keep on hearing great things about and also my penultimate destination as I had my last round-the-world plane trip was from Turkey to Japan happening in July/August. During the past few months I was even contemplating working in Japan for few months or a year even, before getting a motorbike and ride every country in South East Asia and then heading back home to Australia. Well, it seems that all those plans got put to the test and ditched. Nothing or no one, stopped me from finishing my travel plans all the way to Japan and then go back to Europe and figure out if I was making the right choice. But to me signs were clear and, being so flexible in my travels, I decided to stay a bit longer and see from here. Taking a pragmatic approach is how I always do things.



Bank of the Danube

St Stephen’s Basilica

Time flies, reality hits and decisions have to be made. Landing in Hungary on Thursday 26th June, meeting Trish two days later, by Monday 30th my decision was made: I was looking for a summer job in Budapest. My travels are far from over but they are put on hold. During my travel, I have realised that I am nomadic and there is nothing to fear about it. Also when you meet the right person, it appears that time is irrelevant and decisions do not need to wait. Summer is now over in Europe, the weather slowly fading into autumn. More than two months have passed since my arrival here and my next quest is approaching fast, but this time I won’t be alone. In few weeks, Patricia and I are moving to the U.K., London to be precise. What??? Who is Patricia? Why London? How long do we plan to go there? Are we sure of what we are doing? I can already see so many questions coming up in your head. Being impulsive is the opposite of who I am. All I can say for now is that we are really sure of what we are doing and many answers will be given in my next few posts, so stay put and keep on reading this blog. And above all, thank you for reading it in the first place 🙂

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