Nomad life lesson #4: celebrate the little things and grab opportunities

Exactly a year ago, I left Australia to embark on the biggest journey I have ever done so far… and gees, what a ride it’s been!

So today, I take the time to look back and appreciate all those wonderful experiences, places and people I have met along the way. I left my country alone but by no mean, this has been a solo journey. New friends have entered my life and I caught-up with heaps of existing one on different continents. For me it is sure, the highlight of the whole trip is meeting all those people.

There was a lot of expectations about this trip on my behalf, as I didn’t want it just to be a long travel or holidays, but also a spiritual journey where I could figure out why I am here, how much of a use I have on this planet and what I really want to make out of this life. Those twelve months have been a lifetime for me. It really feels like I have learnt and grown so much over the past year that it is hard to believe. Now I do have a clear idea of what I want to achieve for the rest of my life, and I will not wait or give myself excuses to start doing it.

This amazing journey is far from over, in fact it will never end as long as I can physically make it happen. Today I am celebrating one year abroad, one exceptional year all around this planet. It is also my last day in central Europe, after spending a couple of months here. Tomorrow a new chapter of my life is starting, still in Europe, but in the UK this time.

My travels are on hold for now but they will never end.


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