Recovery post-surgery

I have to admit, I have been delaying this post weeks after weeks. Coming up with all type of excuses but really it was just a matter of dedicating the time to create it… Heaps of things have happened since my last post: I got a job, Patricia joined me in London and then, unexpectedly I ended up in hospital and had a surgery. A bit more than a month later here I am.

Life is definitely full of surprises and when you are ready for them, good and bad, you are not so shocked. Since I got to London, everything was going great. I secured a bit within only few days, the weather has been fantastic (which was not what I was expected of the UK…), I caught-up with local mates and I had a nice place to stay. End of September, I started working, going back to what I am good at: Digital. For those of you who follow me from day one, you know I was expecting a lot of my world trip and potentially change career; well I have a good idea of what I can do to help people, without changing my main job, more to come in that regard in the next posts. Anyway, on the 3rd October, Trish arrived from Budapest and we enjoyed some really nice weather. But then, less than a week following her arrival, I felt rather sick, tried to hide it for a couple of days until I couldn’t handle it.

On Thursday 9th October, following an initial visit at the local walk-in clinic of Crickelwood, I ended up at the emergency department of St Mary’s hospital. Hours of wait later, blood sample was taken and the result was clear: as I suspected it, I was diagnosed with appendicitis. Because of my ‘good’ conditions, I didn’t get to the operation theatre before the next morning (spending the night on various pain killers). Thing is, as soon as they got a camera inside me, they saw the operation would take longer than expected: my appendicitis had totally exploded, resting at the bottom of my belly somewhere; so the surgeon had to bust me open and operate for a peritonitis. As they say ‘if your appendicitis explode, you can die’, so it wasn’t such a benign surgery in the end. They were all really surprised on how much pain I endured and how little I was showing. Trish came the same day and I don’t remember a thing, still under heavy drugs. I ended up staying at the hospital five days; and got discharged on Wednesday 15th October, at night. I had 43 staples on a big swollen belly, with two other holes on each side, I could walk slowly but I was far from great. Being able to only have liquid for a week, I was down to the lowest weight I have been to. It took me a week and half to feel better, walk properly (once the staples were removed) and be able to stand up without much pain. By the end of October, I was back at work and my condition has been improving by the day since.

Last Friday, I had a post-surgery check-up back at St Mary’s hospital. Everything is looking good and I can feel my way to recovering is going very well. My brother kindly sent me some scar removal products from France, that I apply twice daily. Now I cannot wait to be able to go back to sport and do some activities again. It’s been hardly over a month now and I hope to get back 100% within few weeks. Time to put back on weight and some muscles too.

This surgery has taken a toll on me, not so physically but more mentally. I am extremely confident by nature and with a huge drive. Somehow seeing myself in that state has challenged me a lot. Being far from my mates in Australia and starting back in old Europe is also a challenge; with the weather slowly falling into winter here, colder and wetter than before. There is no shame on admitting weaknesses, I just cannot wait to be back to my normal me.

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